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ADVERTISING HAS CHANGED - Top Rated 10-in 1 New Top Rated Marketing Package $97

Advertising has changed. There's no longer one magic bullet.. It takes several or more and we've got them all at Coupon Country in our  10-in-1 Marketing Package  $97  See samples and reviews @ http://CouponCountry.com or  http://CouponCountry.blogspot.com

10-in-1 Marketing Package  $97 

1)Optimized Webpage / Landing Page - Reach 1st page Google for popular search terms
2)Email blasts, bi-weekly, to our proprietary list of thousands of local buyers
3)Facebook inclusion of your coupon/ad on our popular  Facebook Pages
4)Text Blasts, bi-weekly, instantly be seen on  our proprietary text users' smart phones
5)Mobile Marketing - Your webpage mobile-friendly for growing mobile cell users
6)Apps Marketing - You'll be included in our popular, handy apps - Check them out @ 
    http://YellowPagesCouponsApp.com  and http://BayAreaCouponsApp.com
7) Get Googlized! - Get Map ,5 star reviews without the congestion of Google!
8) Option: Your Own Domain name /Optimized Full Website (minimal upcharge)
9) Option: Your own Facebook Page (minimal upcharge)
10) FREE Bonus: Your Listing on leading YP.com directory including photo/logo and extras

Ask about our Top Rated 10-in-1 Marketing Package from $97 @  HTTP://CouponCountry.com or  http://CouponCountry.blogspot.com 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top Rated, Complete, Affordable Internet marketing Package $97/mo.

Top Rated, Complete, Affordable Internet marketing Package $97/mo.

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Monday, May 20, 2013


Coupon Country
We represent these and dozens more top businesses online

       Yes, for one low cost, we'll not only get you on First Page of Google and other search engines but we'll do ALL the other little things necessary today to supplement your marketing and keep your presence felt and traffic coming to your business!


        It used to be that one could take out a big ad in the Yellow Pages Phone Book and you were set for the year. It was expensive but it worked. Today, with the advent of the internet, Print and other forms of advertising are all but dead. When's the last time you opened the Phone Book? Even newspapers and direct mail have taken a hit... plus they're expensive.
         Today, there's no single magic bullet to draw customers to your business. It takes a combination of marketing platforms, with INTERNET ADVERTISING leading the way...  webpages, email blasts, social media, apps, mobile, text and more.  The good news is that the right combination of advertising WILL bring your business - and it's less expensive than the old way!

FOR ONLY $97/mo.
 Get ALL TOP NEW MARKETING PLATFORMS(Reg. $970 ) - NOW  PAY for not even Two, but ONE Ad Platform 
- Get the Other NINE FREE!
see below...

We've been able to get every client to date on First Page of Google, usually within a week or less for poplar keywords!

EXAMPLES what is included for $97/mo.:

A) Webpage including 5 Star Reviews, Google Map, Coupon,
Facebook, Twitter , G + Link Icons and video (if applicable)

B) Includes Your FREE Listing in Top Directory, YP.com
with logo and 5 star review:

C) Inclusion in Our Popular Facebook and Twitter Sites, Facebook.com/https://www.facebook.com/YellowPagesCoupons1?ref=tn_tnmn  or Facebook.com/BayAreaCoups
( or your very own for an additional fee)

D) Biweekly EMAIL BLAST to our proprietary list of coupon users and buyers, including your coupon

Testimonials -

1) Carpet Cleaner - 
First Page - three listings for 'organic carpet cleaning'!
(Since 'carpet cleaning' is an extremely popular term , we would have never ranked for it , so we went with still popular 'organic carpet cleaning' as well as 'organic upholstery cleaning'.

2) Housecleaner - 
1st Page Google Rank for keywords 'Eastbay Housecleaning'

3) Personal Trainer 
Keywords: 'Personal Trainer Contra Costa'
4) Author - Ranks 1s Page for 'Bay Area Professors Memoir'
Even in an unusal, hard to rank category, we managed Page One 

5) Edgewater Shopping Center
 - Ranked 1st Page, 1st Listing for 'Peninsula Coupons'


Our Limousine Service  RECEIVED ALMOST 50 VISITS in a month  for an unnusual but effective, undervalued  keyword phrase we found for them: 
'south and east bay airport shuttle promo'  and  variations of that.
(since this came out, they're still ranking high but for a slightly different keyword phrases we will
keep as propriatary for this very difficult to rank category

Because the internet marketing industry is already changing, particularly the Google algorhythms, we have already implemented a series of new changes , including giviing you not only a webpage but a separt web blog which is doing spectacularly - even better than the webpages! 

We hope all the above is impressive for what you get for $97!
Give us a call if you're ready to try us out for three months (minimum)  or more - or if you have any questions : 

(925)-284- 7168

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Niche COUPON Sites - SAVINGS and Resource Sites

Be sure to visit our other favorite Niche Coupon Sites:

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Check out these links for important SAVINGS / information:

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TravelCountry.blogspot.com (save@travelcountry.us)

http://www.BayAreaCoupons.info- Local   coupons and discounts for SF / East Bay Area

http://www.BeAMillionaire.mobi - Million Dollar Bills = Better Than Business Cards/Promo  
http://www.BusinessOpportunityKnocks.info  - Business Opportunities for less, Work at home  

http://www.CaliforniaCoupons.us – Deals from the Sunshine state and cities and towns within
http://www.CardsGreeting.info - Low cost, automated, custom Greeting Cards 

http://www.CouponCountry.com – Big Advertising site combines top rated mail & internet 

http://www.CouponCountry.us  – ditto above on smaller scale, where other takes off

http://www.DealsOnline.ws – Digital Storefront – Lots of low cost products/ biz opps 

http://www.EastbayCoupons.info - Local Coupons, Discounts and Deals for   East Bay, CA   

http //www.FavoriteFurryFriends.info-Everything Pets /& Animals –Discounts.Resources,Tales

http://www.i-Christmas.info – Christmas year –round – Gift deals and deals (I-Deals)  

http://www.i-Store.me – Digital supersite featuring deals on iphone, ipods and electronics 

 http://www.GreenCoupons.me - Paperless Coupons for Environmentally-Friendly Products   

http://www.GreatDeal.mobi – Aggregate Deal site. Similar to Youpon. Ca below 

http://www.HealthFitness.ws - Health Lifestyle Info / Discounts on Nutriton and Exercise 

http://www.LegalCountry.info -Affordable and Preventative Legal (Attorney) Services/Bus Op

http://www.Newmarketing.us – like the name says . Lots of changes in advertisng. Find out here 

 http://www.OldiesCountry.com The 50s /early 60s Lives – the music and culture now & then 

http://www.OnlineYellowPagesCoupons.net - Internet Yellow Pages with coupons 

 http://www.PlanningFinancial.info - Everything Financial - Plan Your Future Savings right! 

http://www.PosterPalooza.info - Anything Print Deals featuring Motivational Posters 

http://www.RoadToSuccess.us  - famous motivational poster/ inspirational media 

http://www.RoadToSuccess.biz – Famous Success Poster and Affiliate Money Makers 

http://www.SaverSuper.info - Big Savings at Retail and Online Shopping 

http://www.SeniorCountry.org – Discounts , resources/inspirational for older adults 

http://www.ShoppingCountry.info - Best Deals and Discounts for Retail, Online Shopping

http://www.ShoppingCoupons.biz - Best Deals and Discounts for Retail, Online Shopping 

http://www.ShoppingDeals.me – Largely Grocery coupon site featuring over 80 coupons/day 

http://TextDeal.us  - Subscribe for instant deals to your cell ...Text 'coupons to 87365 

http://www.TheBigDeal.mobi  - As above, where great text deals land 

http://www.TheYellowPages.cc -  No more phone book -  now all internet 

http://www.TravelCountry.us - Everything Travel -Deals on Air, Hotel, Car Rentals, etc

http://www.YellowPagesCoupons.net - The Big One - Thousands of top deals and discounts, from top

retailers and online storeses

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Showcase Your Brand with High Quality, Full Color Advertising Pieces

Showcase Your Brand with High Quality, Full Color Advertising Pieces 


 CALL 1-888- 422-6876 for INSTANT QUOTES
Just call and email us your file. We will print and ship back to you in days! 

BROCHURES 8 1/2 X 11" - Half fold or Letter fold on #80 white stock - from $114.

BROCHURES 11" X 17"  - Half fold or Letter fold on #80 white stock - from $128.

FLYERS -  8 1/2 X 11" -  Flat #80 white stock - from $72

FLYERS 11" X 17"  - Flat #80 white stock - from $72

  • Sizes from 11 x 17 to 22 x 35
  • Heavy Weight Stocks in Gloss or Dull
  • Optional design services
Postcard 4 x 6

POSTCARDS from $69

Just call and email us your file. We will print and ship back to you in days! 

 CALL 1-888- 422-6876 for INSTANT QUOTES


Friday, March 22, 2013

BONUS FREE Yellow Pages (YP.com) Complete Listing

  Internet Marketing, 

  Advertising,  Marketing


 only $97

Complete Time-line /SEO  FACEBOOK PAGES with 

APPS -$97

***** 5 stars

As you probably know, internet advertising has supplanted print and other ad media as the single most effective, popular - and cost-effective advertising medium (Ad-ology). Internet marketing is broken down into many subsets of which Coupon Country offers ALL for one very low price - a fraction of what other internet consultants charge (and don't even include all the below features - See INFINITY Program)) . NOW  


Theme formats for most business categories: PIZZA / RESTAURANTS, PERSONAL CARE, ATTORNEYS, CONTRACTORS, etc

THIS WORDPRESS WEBSITE  INCLUDES  THE WHOLE INFINITY TOP 10-IN-1 PROGRAM  (only$194)(below) not all visable here...including Facebook, Email & Text Blasts,Get Googlized (maps, etc), Keyword Krusher, Wordpress Webiste, Mobile friendly, Apps, etc.SEE THE ACTUAL WEBSITE FOR YOURSELF @ www.NaturesParadiseDaySpa.us

Cheap Ways to Advertise, How to Advertise your Business, Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Q and A:



A. No. Our rate is the same, only  $97 per month , which includes not 6 but 8 of the TOP 10 Infinity Program, below (only  New FACEBOOK and WORDPRESS WEBSITE are extra.)  Included are  the HOT NEW

-Keyword Krusher, which is a new propriatary software tool  that really finds the less competitive, popular  keywords - We will GUARANTEE your 1st Page Ranking for at least one popular keyword/phrase, probably  more... and

-'Get Googlized'  gives you the same features as Google Places including 5 star reviews and Google Plus,

and Maps, if applicable, which all  definitely helps rankings...

BONUS: Mention 'VIDEO'  and we'll even include  a  Youtube  video on your opitimized webpage/website which also helps rankings since Google owns Youtube ; or we can also get you a custom made 'off-site' video for $150 extra but I think the former would be suffiicient  for rankings at no extra charge

With all these additions your business will definitely rank high!  ...

We also offer full FACEBOOK pages (#4 below)  and full wordpress websites (#7 below) for another $97/mo.

www,Facebook.NewMarketing.us   and www.WordpressWebsites.info

(925)788-3316 direct line  CouponCountry.com

BONUS: FREE Yellow Pages Complete Profile Listing in THE Top Directory on the internet